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the next generation of leaders


an empowering learning environment 

creating a difference since 2012

In 2012, Wonderland was started as a project to counter imperfections in the preschool space. With more than 1000 happy, “future-ready kids” and counting, Wonderland offers the right environment & learning opportunities to infants and kids right up to the age of 4.5 years. 

How far have we reached?

By 2013,

wonderland had started educating over 80 students.

In 2016, wonderland was ranked 4 among Delhi’s most admired preschools.

 2019- 2021

wonderland took further steps to introduce the best of globally accredited International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) along with Montessori.

May, 2012 

wonderland was

started as a personal project with only 7 children 

In 2014, the number of children rose to 150

2018 honoured with the Assocham India “Best School in Teaching-Learning Practices” award at the Education Excellence Awards.



a platform of global learning & teaching practices


passionate learners

Montessori Philosophy 

combined with 

Enquiry-based learning,

ieyc logo.png

traditional learning

-   builds short-term memory skills

-   promotes task completion

-   focuses on finding a predetermined answer

-   promotes competition

-  focuses on following directions/instructions

enquiry- based learning

+    develops long-term learning pathways

+    promotes understanding of processes for critical thinking

+    develops problem identification and problem-solving skills

+    promotes collaboration & cooperation

+    promotes questioning, critical thinking and innovation

admissions and school tour

creating an informed parent through an easy enrollment process

step 1

Parents Make an Appointment For A School Tour

This ideally will be during school hours so that the parents can see a typical school day and be reassured about the skill of the teachers and the well-being of Wonderland students. Both Parents are encouraged to attend the school tour.





step 2

Parents Will Have A Meet and Greet Session with The Admissions Officer Followed By The School Tour.


step 3

Parents Share their interest in Their Child gaining admission into The School And wish to Move Forward To The Next Step.


step 4

The Principal and or Deputy Principal in consultation With Teachers Will  Allocate The Child To a class for a school Visit.


Step 5

After The Visit, The Teachers Will Discuss Their Observations With The Principal And Deputy Principal And If Appropriate The Child’s class placement Will Be decided.

an open letter to my parents 

Dear Parents,

I understand that you are here because you are interested in Early Childhood Education for your little one. Either your child attends Wonderland, or you are looking for early childhood education options for your child. It is wonderful that you are seriously considering your child’s education and doing your research.

Often you hear experts say things like- the first year of a child's life is the most important one and that children learn more in the first 5 years than they do in the rest of their lives… AND IT IS ALL TRUE!

For many years education experts, philosophers, and academics have observed that children grow and learn through careful methodical research and observation. They have realised the importance of the early years and the positive effects a supportive framework of parental love and care, and positive early childhood education has had on the life of a child. Students who receive these have better mental and physical health, healthier relationships, better soft skills, and more overall success than the children who do not have these experiences.

At Wonderland, we have a globally acclaimed curriculum which provides learning through play, the brain's favourite way to develop, and learn. We strive to have actively engaged children in learning with playful lessons. Our children are not passive recipients of facts and phenomenons.

We acknowledge, children learn by doing ‘in a playful manner’ while being supported by warm reciprocal relationships.

Our teaching methods reflect the latest research into learning and teaching while maintaining all the aspects of traditional teaching practises which have been proven as effective.

I would love to show you around our school and talk to you more about what we do and why it is good for your child. Please visit  the school tour section to make an appointment to meet us.

Kind Regards,

Shelley Auld

Principal, Wonderland

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