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our learning programs

creating age-specific learning programs 

registrations are open for 2022 admissions

. For 15 months to 24 months- (adult & child program) 

duration: 3 months -  9 months

The program has been designed to ensure your child learns with you, while establishing partnership and getting acquainted with other children. Together, you will both explore & learn through free play and active participation in the indoor and outdoor activities.


The program sets the stage for your child's independent journey for the program.

. For 2 year-olds- early years 2

duration: until the child is ready for age appropriate programs

 Your child will engage in activities that will build the foundations of success. 

. For 2.5- 5.5 year-olds- 

tailored age-appropriate programs

each program's duration: 1 year

cut off date- 31st March

These programs aim at empowering children to learn to explore. The Montessori aspects of the program will inculcate a sense of discipline & focus. The IEYC will develop your child's ability to critically think, identify problems and solve them creatively. The learning environment has been designed to offer opportunities for language development, social and emotional development,  and understanding concepts like, mathematics, literacy, science and social studies. 

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