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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times are the parents and teachers meetings organised in the school?


PTMs are conducted twice in a year and are planned in advance to go in the school’s annual calendar. You may check the school’s annual calendar to add the PTM dates to your personal calendar.   


If a parent wants to meet the class teacher/principal to discuss any important matters, they need to send a request to to arrange for a meeting. 


2. What are the entry and exit points mentioned in the annual calendar?


Entry Point

An Entry Point is a fun event that happens at the beginning of a Unit of Learning. The Entry point has been planned to spark interest and excitement in the learning your child will be participating in at the school. Your child may be asked to dress up for the Entry point or bring something from home. These are important days for children, please ensure they attend the school. Parents are not invited to Entry Points. 


Exit Point

An Exit Point happens at the end of each Unit of Learning. The teachers plan a special event that showcases the learning that the children have been involved in. Parents are invited to Exit Points to help children celebrate their learning. Parents are requested to keep a note of Exit point weeks mentioned in the calendar. 


3. How do I inform the school in case my child can’t attend school?


If your child is absent from school for any reason, a prior notice via call or email to the school office is required to explain the reason for non-attendance. If this is not received, it will be recorded as an unauthorized absence from school.


If your child has taken medical leave we request  that you send a medical certificate upon their return, to specify that they are fit and healthy to be in school.


4. What if my child is late to school due to unforeseen circumstances?


We do not encourage late arrivals and collections. Children should not be late beyond 15 minutes. If children arrive late for the start of the school day they will be expected to enter school via the main school reception and the school office staff will record a late mark and direct them to the class. We would require all parents to inform us about the late arrival through a phone call.


5. What if my child falls ill during school hours?


We will ensure to give the best possible care to your child with the help of our in-house nurse who is available during all operational hours of the school. We will also inform parent/authorised persons immediately via telephone. Please make sure the school has up-to-date contact numbers.


6. Does the school administer medicine?


The school does not  administer medication unless it is for first aid purposes or an ongoing and potentially life threatening for example, asthma.  We will only administer prescription medicine in such cases with parental permission and written instruction. The medicine should be clearly labeled with the name of the child and dosage instructions. 


7.  Do I need to send a snack or lunch to school?


Please do not send food to school for your child. The school provides each child with a snack. The food served at Wonderland is nut free with vegetarian snack being prepared daily using fresh ingredients. 


Fresh water is available at all times, however children are advised to carry their own bottles.  Our teachers supervise children at snack-time to encourage healthy choices and good table manners. We do not allow sweets and fizzy drinks. Wonderland sends the snack menu to the parents quarterly.


8.  What are the essential items my child needs to carry to school?


Please provide the items listed below on a daily basis. It is important that clothing and other items are clearly labelled with your child’s full name. We request that you do not send your child in their ‘best’ clothes as they will be involved in ‘messy play’. 


Please provide:

• A labelled bag with 1:  socks, t-shirt, knickers, trousers,  vest and 

• A pack of labelled nappies/wipes and any creams, if needed.



9.    Do you go out on trips?


Yes, children go on field trips.  Parents will be required to give permission for your child to go on local trips.



10.   Can I celebrate my child’s birthday at school?


You are welcome to celebrate your child’s birthday in their class. You may provide a cake or a cupcake per child and a healthy snack such as fruit. Please notify the class teacher in advance before planning the celebration. Please ensure that food brought into school contains no nuts.  No gifts bags, decorations or candles (for health and safety) can be sent to school.


11.  How do you ensure the security of my child?


Your child’s safety is our priority. The school has installed cameras to keep track of all areas of learning while they are in school. CCTV surveillance allows us to keep track of the whereabouts of all the children effectively and efficiently. 


12.  How do you ensure ‘confidentiality’ of my child?


All records and personal information about our parents and children is strictly confidential. We do not share your contact details with others. 


As part of  the school activities, we will take photographs/videos of your child to record their experience at the school. Your child’s photographs, written work and voice might be recorded and used by school for brochure and other materials.


13.  How do I get in touch with my child’s class teacher?


An email request can be made to set up a meeting with your child’s class teacher by writing to


14.  Can I contribute to my child’s class or school in any way?


We encourage parent involvement in the classroom. However, visits to the classrooms need to be pre-arranged with the teachers in order for them to know how to plan a ‘class event' together. 


15.  Do you have any homework for my child?


Yes, we do have homework for you, but not for your child. We request that you to spend time with your child reading a book, listening to their day or engaging in physical activities.  Family time is the most valuable learning experience your child can have. 


16.  What if I or my caregiver is running late to pick my child? 


Children should be collected on time. Even a few minutes can seem like long to a child who 

has watched everybody else go home. However, on occasion when you are running late,  we request you to telephone the school and inform us about the delay. We will ensure that your child is occupied and that you can collect them from reception upon your arrival.


17.  What if I am unable to pick up my child? 


We do not allow any  child to leave the premises with anyone other than those named on their 

file. Please ensure to keep the school informed of any changes regarding the collection of your child. Please note- we will require ID card proof, and an  email request from you authorising the person to pick your child for that particular day and a confirmation call before handing over your child to a new representative.


18. Where do I drop my child in the morning and from where do I pick my child up?


Children will be dropped and collected from the verandah. If your child is late, they will be collected at the school reception.


19. How much time does my child get to play outdoors?


Play is an integral part of our curriculum where they will  have ample opportunities during the day to go out and explore. The active play area, the mud kitchen, the amoeba garden, the sand and water area are all for your child to engage, explore and experiment with. 

20. How does the staff handle children that have behavioural problems, such as biting, kicking or hitting?


Our discipline philosophy is based on a problem solving approach. Our goal is for children to learn how to resolve conflicts in a socially acceptable and peaceful manner. Preschool children are still learning how to communicate appropriately. Our teachers know how to help them learn socially accepted behaviour.


If teachers have any concerns about your child’s behaviour, they will talk to you about it. 

We hope, we have been able to answer all your questions. In case, we haven’t, we request you to write your concerns to

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