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how we create a unique and enriching experience

creating a prepared learning environment

creating a healthy and safe environment


your child will learn in an environment that prioritises safety while allowing them to gain physical confidence by using equipment that is challenging to help develop their physical skills.

  • risk-taking is part of childhood and necessary for a child to gain balance, confidence and skills. We provide play spaces that allows your child to take risks while minimising the possibility of injury. Bumps and bruises are a necessary part of learning balance and gaining skills.

  • playing outside is important for the development of your child’s vision. Children’s eyesight develops until they are 10 years old, to help protect your child from developing short sightedness, they need to be in natural light for at least 2 hours daily. Playing outside at Wonderland will help your child meet their daily sunlight needs.

  • air quality and heat- We provide light airy spaces inside for when the air quality and heat does not allow children to play outside.

  • we care for your child’s physical and emotional health. Our teachers establish warm, caring, reciprocal relationships with children and encourage children to develop friendships with peers.

  • our menu has been designed to be delicious, nutritious and seasonal.

staff and teachers​

the teachers strive to ‘follow the child’ recognising and understanding that each child is unique and have their own individual learning style and their own pace, this needs to be respected.  Teachers circulate, observe and support children as needed; working with them with activities and suggesting works when appropriated according to a child’s particular interests and progress.

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